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Nick Rauch, President and Owner







One more bit of info on Nick.  He is also President of Rauch Construction LLC in Scottsdale, Az
and has been an active user of the 6x6 system for the last 7 years. Although it has not been easy, especially in this
economy, Nick suggest that one of the many things that has "kept him alive" as a Contractor is 6x6Builder. It has been
the most challenging time for Contractors in our lifetime's, and we Contractors need every advantage we can muster.







                                                     Programming/System Administration



"We all love Ramy, he works very hard, and is a great guy.
(Just like Kayri of course!)
Programming and Systems Admin
"We could not do this without him." (Nick)




Social Media and Art

Art Graduate/Gonzaga Bulldog
Just recently came on board to help us increase our Social Media presence.
Will be using Gabe and his ideas as we grow, especially with color, design, and 
shape. Welcome aboard Gabe!




 ( Note, the story below is Dan Klock's story...Dan has been called home by Our Creator. They say the "good die young"..and it has happened once again.)

   Many years ago, Dan Klock realized that his Altoona, Pennsylvania Home Building  business was quickly losing ground. Insurance premiums, supplier bills, taxes and other expenses were mounting and put his business in the red. Market pressures kept sales pricing too low.  The time had come, to "cut the fat."


   One of Dan's first tasks was to evaluate his estimating "system."  He had been using the square footage estimating method, making comparisons to other homes that he had built.  His accounting system did a fine job of telling him where he had been, but would not indicate where he was headed.  After a long search for a good estimating and control system ended right back where he started, he decided to create his own system.  He then contracted a local computer programming company to build an online Construction Estimating and Job Management system, for him.  Thus, the very first version of 6x6Builder was born.


    Immediately after the first version of the product was developed, he put it to work. By eliminating confusion in his materials ordering process, breaking down his jobs into logical sections, scheduling orders more efficiently, and more accurately directing the work of his subcontractors, he completely turned his business around. Dan went from  a struggling operation losing money each month, to an enjoyable, thriving business again.

  Today, after 15 years and a significant investment, 6x6builder.com is a first-class, Internet-based service. It's easy to learn and use while still taking advantage of cutting edge technology. 6x6builder.com will streamline your process, improve your estimates and help to control your own expenses as well as those of your clients. You can access your entire estimation system securely from anywhere there is Internet access. 6x6builder.com leverages the Internet's strength, making something you already do MUCH easier. Rather than reinventing the wheel, 6x6builder.com gives you the tools to save thousands of dollars monthly by making estimating and controlling easier, more organized, and vastly more accurate.
—Dan Klock Sr.                           

  Born Feb 16th, 1947         

 Passed July 15th, 2014

  Rest in Peace Dano


Special Note: 

     Dan Klock was an incredible human being.  He was the "Idea Man, the Conductor" if you will, behind 6x6Builder. Dan hired Jason Garber (programmer) and his crew to help him put all of the original product together, which in and of itself was a huge volume of work.  Dan was a gifted individual, and an all around good guy.  Dan, you became my brother...if not by blood, by treating me with so much kindness and respect.  Dan, we will continue to make you proud, and will see you one day on the other side.  For now...you can keep a watch on us from above.  We love you buddy.  We continue to grow and are back in the programming mode. Stay tuned as 6x6 continues to improve and update with the times.





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