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Supplier Estimators
Independent and Family Owned Building Suppliers.

     We all know the Independent and Family Owned Building Suppliers have been the backbone of our Community for years.  But, in todays world, the "Big Box" stores are moving into many communities.
Competing with their high volume and low pricing, is virtually impossible. So many suppliers rely on service and their knowledge of the industry to give builders their personal attention on  projects. The Owners, Managers and Reps. actually visit  job sites, to better understand the projects. Many Reps have years of experience in multiple phases of construction. In addition, they can keep the Contractor updated with the best and latest products available. Many Reps have extensive  knowledge of building codes and procedures,  which helps to get projects completed in the most workmanship like manor. These are just a few reasons why Remodeling Contractors and Custom Builders continue to support their local Suppliers, not always thinking only of the “Almighty Dollar”.  One must also consider  the Business Relationships, which have been developed over the years!


Times have changed  

     We all know the internet has changed the construction industry.  High-speed communication in today’s environment is so important to all businesses, “it’s priceless”.  Many Builders are now looking for an Online Estimating and Job Management system, in order to keep up with Business systems' technologies. They want a system to replace the pencil, paper and obsolete spreadsheet documents. They are finding the best tools in their trucks  are a Laptop, IPod, IPhone or Droid.  They want to communicate with their Reps. for Take-Offs, Pricing and any thing else that will make their job run smoother and of course, make a better profit.      
Builders rely on your business' judgment to guide them to be more professional. They want an estimating system that is easy to use and understand.  They need to reduce their estimating time but they need to be as accurate as possible. Using the 6x6 system, the up-front meetings with your reps. can be more productive and less time consuming. Many need or want a little training and that is where you can help. Take the time to train your builders how to use the system and you will change your Quotes into Orders. This can save the Rep and the Builder, hours of meeting time.

Custom Builder 11/2012

     As a Custom Builder, we have always taken pride in giving our customers whatever they may want. We have found of late, this is becoming much more challenging.  Most of our jobs are referrals from previous customers and we were hearing some disatisfaction with us providing only certain products. When recently talking with our supplier rep.,  he introduced us to 6x6builder Online Construction Estimating and Construction Management System, so we opened a free trial account.  By adding our Rep as a user, this gave him special but limited access to our personal account. We then created the job that I was currently working on and added construction notes on each section. These notes appear when we are estimating a particular section. 6x6 is preloaded with many different sections and types so it made it easy for us to see how the system works. We also customized each section for items that our Rep sells.  I had a meeting and had to leave, so our Rep agreed to work on the  Master Sections by adding and removing items. When I got home, we were anxious to see what he had done. I accessed my account on line, and started to review the Master Sections he had completed. I added a few more misc. items that I need to address when estimating....like hook utility blades, garbage bags, and blue booties. These are small items but by adding them, it saves me a trip to the supplier at a later date.
    Getting started was easier than I expected, but of course, our Rep helped so much. He is knowledgeable in all phases of construction. He is not interested in estimating sections that do not pertain to him.

     Here's how it works...

 I the builder, create a job or project, by choosing all the phases that pertains to the project. I add construction notes and requests from my customer by each section.
I then notify our Supplier Rep that I have created a new job. He logs into our 6x6 account and  starts estimating, because he has access to the information and construction notes needed to develop the take-offs  from a master list of materials we had previously developed for each phase, including the "forgettable items."  We then login to our account, review and make any necessary changes. When needed, creating a Custom item that I may only use once is simple. This will give our Rep a heads-up on ordering products he does not stock, thus saving time.
  I know we are both saving a lot of time working together online. Most of all, our estimates are more accurate and we have more control. Not sure, exactly how much time we are saving, but one thing is for sure, I am tired of faxing, creating files, keeping track of all our job notes, and up-dating prices manually.


Other benefits with your 6x6 account

Receive Price Quotes, Take-Offs and  Purchase Orders
Your Company Link is added to the Item Search.
Your company will appear in Local Supplier Search

Web Based Benefits

Secure site.
Unlimited storage.
Access your account anywhere there is Internet.
Work on your System via IPod, Droid, Laptop, and PC, take your Pick.

Our team at 6x6builder.com looks forward to assisting you personally with any questions and concerns you may have.


Nick 480-215-6945


Suppliers and Distributors

6x6builder.com Construction Estimating and Job Management System has been designed for the homebuilding industry including Suppliers and Distributors. Your company can benefit with 6x6 in several ways. Company Administrators, Estimators and Representatives can access their private account anywhere with internet access.

One of the many benefits of being on the system is when a Builder, Contractor, opens an account with 6x6 they can search and add your company contact information into their account. They can then contact you for quotes, take-offs, purchase orders and other services with just a click.



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