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Residential Construction Cost Estimating Software for Small Builders

Save Time and Money with Online Cost Estimator

  • For the small builder, accurate cost estimating is essential to the financial stability and success of their company. A profit loss in one job due to incorrect cost estimates will have a ripple effect on all subsequent jobs. This is especially true when manual cost estimating procedures duplicate the same mistake to other jobs.
  • 6x6builder.com integrates cost estimating with current online price and availability information, eliminating the need for manual estimating. An entire project or sections of a project can be estimated with the simple click of the mouse. Suppliers' and manufacturers' prices are easily accessible on line. When the builder requests a price, the supplier will add the most up to date price and send it back to the builder via 6x6builder.com. The builder will then have the option of comparing the price to other suppliers and accepting the best number for his client. All small builders must be aware of price fluctuations in order to be competitive with other builders.
  • Many builders cannot justify the cost of employing full time support staff and a person employed on a part time basis is not always available to respond on an “as needed” basis. A family member can be vital to the business. By utilizing 6x6builder.com, that family member can help provide timely financial information upon which a final decision can be made by the builder.

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