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Product Manufacturers 


     6x6 offers a new marketing avenue by increasing your product or new product exposure to residential Home Builders, and Light Commercial Contractors.



Here are a few examples of how 6x6 can assist you in reaching YOUR customers.




  • As 6x6 users are searching for items for a material estimate your company link automatically appears directing them to whatever page you designate on your website. Pictures, video and information for your product line are just a click away. During a meeting with a home buyer, a 6x6 user can view and discuss product options by viewing your website and product line. While doing this they still stay in the 6x6 system adding notes and details as needed. 




  • Better yet, you can upload your entire product line or best selling products into the system with details such as description, model number, series, size, units etc. When a user is creating an estimate they can search and simply click “add” and the details are entered into the estimate form.




  • If your company offers Buying Direct, estimates and purchase orders can be sent directly to you via email or fax within their 6x6 account.


 There are other benefits such as your company logo appearing on certain pages in 6x6 as a way of promoting the previous features. Our team at 6x6builder.com looks forward to assisting you personally with any questions you may have. (more info)


Please call us today at 480-215-6945 or email us at support@6x6builder.com 

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