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   Home Builders

         In the past, Homebuilders were highly respected for knowing how to build a home “from the ground up.” Times have really changed. Homebuilders are now faced with so many Building Codes, Inspections, Permitted plans, and Environmental impact regulations.  And the list continues to grow.
    Some Builders are giving up, but others continue on, while updating or creating “S.O.P.’s”  They are giving their Subs and Employees special instructions for every phase of their Projects.  Builders are not assuming anything. Using the 6x6Builder Online Construction Estimating system, it is so easy to keep in touch with all your Subs, Suppliers, Employees, and other Colleagues.


         Homebuyers are using the internet to find new Products, but are also using it to locate Blogs and Articles on “how to do”.... any phase of construction. We all know that much of this easily obtained information is not valid.  It may have been developed by some amateur,  who knows nothing about Building Codes or Manufacturer's instructions.


         Banks are under a lot of pressure by Financial Industry Regulators, and many of them are overly cautious, and rightly so.

         We all know that an appraiser can “nullify” any multitude of Projects, namely those involving New Construction. They use comparable homes that may have been built without any of the new codes. Some appraisals are $20,000 - $30,000 under the amount you need just for New Construction financing.  If you use 6x6Builder to develop your estimate, you know the REAL cost. You know if you want to, or can reduce your contract price. As much as you may want the job, it could be best to, “just walk away”.

    Tricks of the Trade

         Here are a few things to consider when submitting your contract.  These are variables that you have no control over, but they need to be addressed.
    The following are items Most Appraisers do not take into consideration when appraising your new projects value.
    That it may be a New Construction, project.

    Here are a few items not to include in your Contract/Financing. Let the Home Buyer pay for these items...

    Architect fees for plans
    Well Water. (Do you really know how deep the well is going to be?)
    Building permits.
    Water permits
    Sewer permits
    Septic permits
    Local Impacted fees
    Landscaping. Topsoil, Shrubbery, Decorative Stone,Retaining Walls.


         When using 6x6 you can develop an accurate estimate. No guesswork.
     If you have several different Models, you can create an estimate for each model.
    By doing this, you can create a Job by copying the Model of your choice. This only takes a few seconds. Then you can modify or customize for colors, appliances, carpets, etc.
    Your prices of material, Subs and Labor are always up to date. You do not need to do this manually.  
    If you are a Custom Builder, you can easily keep-up with all the Custom Items your customer requests.

         Using 6x6 you have total control of every Job at all times. By looking ahead, you can reduce production time by weeks or even months.
    Small Builders

         At 6x6, we know first hand, who “Small Builders” are.  This is the guy or gal, who leaves the office at 5:00 am, and may not get home until 6:00 pm., if that.  Then they work on creating a list of materials for tomorrow’s deliveries. Even if you build one or two homes a year,  you need to have full control at all times.  6x6Builder helps you to maintain that control.
    Big Builders

         Many of the larger Home Builders, depending on geographical location, job type and pricing flexibility, operate on smaller margins.  They can do this usually due to larger volume.  This being said, with smaller margins, come smaller windows within which mistakes can be made.  If you are under contract to build 10 buildings for a specified amount, and you miss numerous items and pricing points, to the downside..you can very quickly lose control.  6x6Builder helps to minimize these scenarios from affecting your operations, by forcing you to think through every stage of the building, costing, and notification process.


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    6x6builder.com is an online estimating, purchasing and job management system for contractors and residential home builders that utilizes the latest Internet technology.

    You can access your private account anywhere you can log on to the internet. With today’s advancements in wireless technology and internet access cards you can have access to your entire company using 6x6 and a laptop computer. Anywhere!

    Additional members of your staff can be added as Users with View and/or Edit privileges within your account.

    Maintain job details instantly whether on the job, at the office or at home.


    Here are a few Benefits

        Have up-to-date prices from your local suppliers.
        Access to new products.
        Submit purchase orders by email or fax.
        Customizable for your methods of construction.
        Instructions feature to help the job run smoothly.
        Notifications and alerts keep you informed up-to-the-minute.
        Employee Labor
        Subcontractor details.
        Create detailed notes for each phase of the job.
        Job Reports


    There are features in 6x6 that are unmatched with any other estimating and management software on the market today.

    Take a look at the benefits page to get a brief overview of the many advantages you can have by using this powerful system.










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