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Electrical Contractors

Residential, Light Commercial, Industrial

Every Entrepreneur has their own unique way in which they estimate work. In the Contracting business, there are so many different styles and variables to consider when estimating.  There are no systems that totally replace Human intellect, ingenuity and instinct. At 6x6Builder, our team feels that it would be highly impractical for any Construction Estimating system to attempt to address each and every need or thought process, concerning specialty contractor estimating and the ways they run their businesses.

Many Contractors will agree, “Each job is different,” and they’re right.

     One of the features in 6x6, allows you to create and customize Templates or Assemblies for each electrical system, or any other phase of construction. Manufacturers are always creating New Products. Their goal is to stay “one step ahead” of the current technologies, needs and habits of the construction industry. Whatever field of construction you are in, there are new items and products continually coming to market and you need a system that you can quickly change and modify pricing and data, without “reinventing the wheel.”  6x6Builder has created typical descriptions of items to help you get started. We also created a Material Search Feature for you to find items by Manufacturer, giving you unlimited access to any product you may need. How does this search feature work? Search the web by Mfg., find the item you are looking for, then copy and paste it into your estimate or purchase order.
Creating Your own Assemblies

      As you create your own custom assemblies by adding items that you use and have confidence in, you can pull them into any new job that you are estimating.
We feel by creating or having a complete list of items pre-placed by you in your Master file, and using a process of elimination when estimating, you will never forget each item needed on any particular job. If you do not need an item, you simply click and remove it.  Remember, you are only in one job and one section at any time and by adding or removing items, you will not affect your master assemblies.
If you go one step further and add the quantity to each previously priced item, the system will automaticity give you the average cost of each and the total dollar amount. On the other hand, you can choose to use one in particular, or, multiple Suppliers.
Obtaining Material Pricing from your local Supplier(s), is the best way to estimate all phases of your project. Prices are just a few “clicks” away via email. There is no need to fax and update prices manually. You cannot rely on regional databases to keep your prices current or accurate. Keep in mind as you receive prices back from your suppliers, all of your assemblies will be updated automatically.

 Following is an example of some typical Sections:

Basic Electric Service
100 Amp Residential Overhead Conduit Service
100 Amp Residential Overhead Thru-Roof Service
100 Amp Residential Overhead Sec. Cable Service
200 Amp Residential Overhead Conduit Service
200 Amp Residential Overhead Thru-Roof Service
200 Amp Residential Overhead Sec. Conduit Service
200 Amp Residential Underground Service
400 Amp Residential Underground Service
Rough Electric
Rough TV,
Rough Phone
Rough Internet,
Rough Appliances Electric
Rough Appliances Gas
Finish Electric.
Finish TV
Finish Phone
Finish Internet
Finish Appliances Electric
Finish Appliances Gas
Exterior Lighting
Soffit Lighting
Motion Detector Lighting
Security Systems
Landscape Lighting
You can create as many Sections and Assemblies as you wish, there are no limits.

   At 6x6Builder, we could create an assembly for each of the above, but every Contractor throughout the industry thinks differently. (Many times, “Worlds apart”)  They like to use products they have confidence in, and that are used in their area or region.
At 6x6 we do not believe in connecting you with a lot of different programs to give you some sort of fast guess when estimating. This system is you and only you.


     In the Electrical field, there are so many codes. Using 6x6, keeping up is easy. You add codes by each section, and they appear when estimating. You can easily print the codes and give them to your employees. Why not stop repeating yourself,

     6x6Builder Construction Estimating, is an Online Construction Estimating and Online Construction Management System. “One size fits all” with 6x6. Both small and large companies can benefit from this system. There is no limit to how many jobs you can create or the amount of information you store.
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6x6builder.com is an online estimating, purchasing and project management system.


Designed to accommodate home builders, electrical contractors and other trade specific contractors.

You can also create, customize and maintain allowances from the pre-planning phase until completion. Sections such as interior lighting, exterior lighting, recessed lighting etc. are easily reviewed to see how much you allowed, how much you’ve spent and how much is going to be needed to finish.    

Estimates can be sent to local suppliers for pricing within your private 6x6 account via email. Once you receive the new prices back into your account, all of your estimates are updated with the new prices from that particular supplier. This is a handy feature because you don’t need to adjust prices on all of your previous estimates.

After your contract has been signed and the job goes into Actual Mode you can send purchase orders the same way. You can monitor the estimated cost against your actual cost throughout the job until completion.

An additional benefit for your customers is “Service After The Sale”. When a previous customer contacts you because they need information on a product you installed you can easily locate their job and give them an answer immediately.


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