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6x6Builder.com, Online Construction Estimating, Metal Studs, Green Construction
Someone had their work cut out for them.


      Estimating, Purchasing and Tracking

        6x6builder.com is a Web Based Cost Management System offering estimating, price control and tracking features unlike any other construction program available. Period.

     Imagine being able to electronically...

  • create material lists using preloaded or custom item descriptions.
  • send material lists to local suppliers for pricing within your private 6x6 account.
  • receive up-to-the-minute prices from local suppliers.
  • create purchase orders including directions, delivery times and important notes.
  • print material lists without prices for subcontractors to review and confirm delivery.


Now imagine doing these tasks when it fits YOUR time schedule.


Work within your private 6x6 account anywhere you can gain internet access.

  • No more adjusting costs with pencil and paper... who has time for that!
  • No more faded fax price printouts... is that a 1 or a 7
  • Forget phone calls, voice mail or leaving messages with someone “at the store”.

Whether you work at the office, at your home, on the job or even on the golf course with 6x6builder.com you now have total estimating and price control for your business.

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