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6x6Builder Online Construction Estimating, Adding Job materials screenshot. Shows how accurate the descriptions can be, and how complete the item creation feature is. 6x6Builder Online. Construction Estimating
Create and price as many custom items as you want. Estimate with the Highest Accuracy. From the site, from the office...wherever you have Internet.
Choose your local applicable tax rates. Use whatever Markups you need to use, and many other features.



            Here are a few key benefits of using 6x6




  • Introduction  to  Benefits.


           6x6Builder.com is an Estimating and Control System designed for planning, estimating and controlling the construction of residential, light commercial and multi-family dwellings. This system was created as a result of years of experience in working with building contractors, manufacturers, engineers, technical and creative advancements, code enforcement officers and safety administration personnel. (To include the "School of Hard Knocks.")

            6x6Builder.com is supported by a team of experts, who are committed to the construction industry. Our team is committed to giving the highest level of service to every customer.

            This is a user friendly Estimation and Control System which utilizes the latest in Internet technology. The system has been designed to accommodate both small and large Contractors and Builders, while providing the highest degree of accuracy in all phases of the estimating process. 6x6Builder.com is designed to make your job easier by creating direct links to the manufacturing industry. We have streamlined the entire process of estimating and controlling any size job.




    Homebuilders, General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, and Specialty Contractors.All phases of residential and Light Commercial construction.

    Customizable to your method of Construction.

    Accurate Estimating means more confidence in your Bids. Build a stronger relationship with your Clients.

    Win more Jobs. Unlimited Jobs. Unlimited Users. Track all your jobs at all times for over – under costs.

    Updated material prices from your local Supplier, via email or fax. Update prices at any time. 

    Your Suppliers and Subs can provide takeoffs, and communicate via email.  Reduce missing items if having others do Take-offs for you, or with you.

    Access to New Products by Mfg. Create Custom items you may only use once.

    Reduce unnecessary trips to the supplier.  Keep track of all notes and requests from your clients.  Keep track of all construction notes by each phase of construction.  Create detailed notes for each phase of the job.

    Create Master Estimating Formulas for each phase of Construction.       

          Instructions for Subs and Employees by each Job phase.  Keep up with new building, safety,

          energy and environmental codes.                 

    Your estimate can become your Purchase order. Submit by either email or fax.

    Notifications and alerts keep you informed as needed.

    Ways to pay your Subs. Labor (only), Labor and Materials, or by Components.

    Create Master Allowances for each phase of Construction.  When estimating, create company labor cost by man hrs, or by Components.

    Jobsite and Delivery instructions feature to help your projects run smoothly.

    Job Reports, Allowance Reports. Etc.  Address the daily variables that pop-up unexpectedly. 

    Online Construction Estimating.  Online Construction Management.

          (These are only a few benefits this system addresses)


  •  Web Based Benefits

    • Secure site.
    • Access your account anywhere there is Internet access.
    • Work on your System  via Ipad, Droid, Laptop, PC. Take your pick.



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