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(and as a matter of fact, you're like tens of thousands of others!yes)


Remodeling tools

....you need a system to help you estimate, price, communicate and log activities. 6x6
Builder can get the job done for you, and for less per month, than you spend on coffee in a week.

Construction is on a roll nationwide.  It's a great time to insure you have an accurate estimating system.
One that allows all of your hard work to pay off, and without "breaking the bank."
With a monthly price of only $9.95, how can you go wrong? Most contractors spend more than that on coffee

every week.



6x6 Builder screensot fo the Job Detail Page, June 23, 2016
Screen shot of  the a 6x6 Builder Job detail page.  This shows your different sections, and tons of other job information, that you can then move on to from this screen.


6x6Builder.com is "Software as a Service." 

(We are a subscription based, Online Construction Estimating software service)

We offer month to month or yearly subscriptions.  Our Product updates automatically, and you won't pay extra for costly upgrades.  We do not subscribe to quarterly regional updates, or let anyone dictate our pricing. Our subscribers are Independent Thinking Contractors, who believe in obtaining local materials and labor pricing from their own suppliers, subs, and or internal computations.   We believe your "numbers" are specific to your company, your clients, and your team's goals.  


                                          You've absolutely nothing to lose by TEST DRIVING our system.  6x6Builder Online Construction Estimating

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Think for yourself.  How do I value my work? Estimating. Think for yourself. 6x6Builder Online Construction Estimating and Job Management System.



6x6 Builder Supports  President Trump

He needs our support and prayers in the biggest way.

May God Bless these United States of America.




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